Our Domaine is situated in Burgundy, in the Yonne department,
the region known as the ‘gates of Burgundy’.


The Heimbourger family have worked in the vines for 3 generations. Over the course of time this family business was spread over three appellations:
  • Chablis
  • Irancy
  • Bourgogne
The aim has always been to get the best out of the terroir to offer you an enjoyable moment of tasting pleasure.


The grape varieties are as follows:
  • 50 % Chardonnay destined for the appellations Chablis and Bourgogne blanc.
  • 40 % Pinot Noir destined for the appellations Bourgogne rouge and Irancy.
  • 5 % Gamay, which when blended with the Pinot Noir produces Bourgogne Passetoutgrain.
  • 5 % César, an old Burgundian variety, which goes into the appellation Irancy.
The vines are situated on the hillsides, and thus benefit from a good exposure to the sun (generally facing South to South-East).